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Monday, 27 March 2017

CHEAP Rosewill Soft Gaming Mouse Pad (RIMP-11002) OFFER

Rosewill Soft Gaming Mouse Pad (RIMP-11002)

Rosewill Soft Gaming Mouse Pad (RIMP-11002)

If You search keyboard gaming then Rosewill Soft Gaming Mouse Pad (RIMP-11002) is best choice, Buy it now for Price is 8.99

The Rosewill RIMP-11002 is compatible with both optical and laser mice
It is designed for professional gamers
Large size ensures that your mouse is always on your mouse pad
With natural rubber base, this mouse pad stands firmly no matter how intensive games you are playing
Dimensioned in 350mm x 260mm x 3mm, the Rosewill RIMP-11002 offers a large working area eliminating the instability caused by moving your mouse out from the mouse padThe natural rubber base holds onto your desk firmlyJust immerse into your games without worrying about the annoying mouse pad movement

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IGRM1V0781 - CM Storm Quick Fire XTi Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

IGRM1V0781 - CM Storm Quick Fire XTi Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
The Quick Fire XTi mechanical gaming keyboard by Cooler Master is the ultimate in minimal design and sleek simplicity
Luxurious UV coated keys include a streamlined multicolor per-key backlighting system built with 100% Authentic Cherry MX switches
Plug and play design ensures color
backlighting modes
profiles and macros are all quickly and easily customizable without the need for complex software
minimalistic design Sleek lines
refined symmetry
and a heavy-weight quality build help you keep things clean and simple
For gamers with style
the Quick Fire XTi mechanical keyboard sets you apart from the rest
100% authentic Cherry MX switches with ultra-violet keycap coating Gamers demand the best
which is why the Quick Fire XTi only uses Cherry MX switches with UV keycap coating for unsurpassed quality and durability
Get the tactile preference you prefer while the UV coating gives a textured
luxurious experience and long-lasting game play
Multicolor per-key backlighting with built-in customization Mixable dual color blue and red LED backlighting gives you up to 35 colors per key which can be changed and customized on-board without the use of any additional complex software
LEDs include multiple modes of operation including wave
and unique responsive effects
Be sure to download the latest firmware to get the newest LED lighting modes
On-the-fly macro and profile support with onboard memory Four profile keys offer quick backlighting and macro recording without hassle
Program multiple keystrokes to a single key or change per-key backlighting with intuitive keyboard commands without the need for software
Set specific keys with different colors to give yourself an edge when playing a game for the first time
Online lighting and firmware updates Expand LED lighting modes and keep your keyboard functioning at maximum performance with online updates and upgrades
Detachable cable with 180 management Quick Fire XTi cables won't ever get in your way or clutter your desktop
The detachable cable allows for easy transport without the risk of cable strain and provides a simple way to move your keyboard out of the way when needed
Hidden underside positioning grooves gives you 180 cable management
keeping your keyboard and desktop sleek and organized regardless of arrangement preference.

Price : 144.12

Corsair - Gaming Keyboard - Anodized Brushed Aluminum

Corsair - Gaming Keyboard - Anodized Brushed Aluminum
Compatible with PC
USB connectivity
6 buttons
104 keys
backlit keys
Cherry MX Brown switches
palm rest

Price : 119.99

Gunnar Eyewear - Gunnar Gaming Eyewear - Mlg Phantom Snow\/onyx Frame - Snow\/onyx

Gunnar Eyewear - Gunnar Gaming Eyewear - Mlg Phantom Snow\/onyx Frame - Snow\/onyx
Do you live and breathe the intense competition, the fierce challenge and the immersive world of the games on your screen? Do you constantly strive for endurance, perfection and longevity? Do you bemoan the limitations that keep you down and drain your energy? Sometimes, your greatest assets can become your biggest challenges as you play - when your sharp-shooting, fast-acting eyes begin to tire after helping steer you through level after level, it holds you back from continuing on the path you fought so hard to forge
You may experience eye fatigue, dry eyes, irritation or even headaches, but the outcome is the same - your endurance lags and you decide it's time to call it quits
You don't have to settle for limitations anymore - you can enter the future of advanced gaming, where tired is just a five-letter word
When you slip into a pair of Gunnar Gaming Eyewear, you'll slip into comfort and an exciting gaming experience
As the official eyewear of Major League Gaming, the MLG Phantom gives you the visual edge you need by reducing glare, sharpening details, improving focus and minimizing eye fatigue
Featuring a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry, this eyewear targets near to intermediate distance viewing to protect your eyes and enhance your visual experience during long gaming sessions
The curved lenses deliver the second largest lens coverage in the e-SPORT series and limit air currents near the eye to reduce dry and irritated eyes
The geometry of the lenses supports your eye's natural focusing power for enhanced details and clearer vision
With the comfort provided by the Gunnar Gaming Eyewear, the idea of stopping a game won't come into your mind until you're ready.

Price : 79.99

Insten Black Leather Mouse Pad with Anti-Slip Rubber Base Waterproof Coating (7 x 8.7) for Laptop PC Computer Gaming (2208923)

Insten Black Leather Mouse Pad with Anti-Slip Rubber Base Waterproof Coating (7 x 8.7) for Laptop PC Computer Gaming (2208923)
Help your mouse get an accurate tracking and click Material: Rubber and leather Size: 18 X 22 cm\/ 7 X 8.7 inches

Price : 6.99

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