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Monday, 27 March 2017

GET SteelSeries 9HD Gaming Mouse Pad LIMITED

SteelSeries 9HD Gaming Mouse Pad

SteelSeries 9HD Gaming Mouse Pad

If You search keyboard gaming then SteelSeries 9HD Gaming Mouse Pad is best choice, Buy it now for Price is 54.99

SteelSeries 9HD is a hard plastic composition specifically engineered for professional gamers who demand extremely consistent precision, accuracy and stability
The finely textured surface consists of tens of thousands of light reflecting microscopic points, optimized to enhance the tracking capabilities of next-generation gaming mice.Thanks to the sophisticated tracking capabilities of the surface, the user is capable of performing exceptionally precise mouse operations, both in terms of minimal movements as well as high velocity slingshots
SteelSeries 9HD Gaming Mouse Pad is one of many Mouse Pads &
Wristrests available through Office Depot
Made by Steelseries.

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Price : 215.86

Roccat ROC-13-400 Alumic Accs Double-sided Gaming Mousepad

Roccat ROC-13-400 Alumic Accs Double-sided Gaming Mousepad
One mousepad - two sidesWith two very different surface structures, the ROCCAT Alumic meets the highest demands of both low and high-sense gamers
Each side also features a different design
Made from high-quality aluminum, the ROCCAT Alumic offers maximum stability and durability
Extra-large mousepad feet ensure the mousepad stays rooted to the spot while offering the ultimate in mouse control when gaming
It also includes a gel-filled wrist rest for maximum comfort
OPTIMIZED FOR SPEED + CONTROL The right mousepad is the starting point for outstanding tracking and precise aiming
The ROCCAT Alumic's two surfaces have different structures, allowing both fast as well as very controlled mouse movements
Low-sense gamers need a super smooth surface for ultimate gliding performance and fast, sweeping mouse movements
In contrast, the granular surface is designed to meet the needs of high-sense gamers
If you prefer a high mouse resolution, a structured surface is really important for outstanding tracking
ANODIZED ALUMINUM CORE The anodized aluminum core gives the ROCCAT Alumic incredible stability and protection against warping - yet it's just 3mm thin, making it ideal for use either on the sofa or while on the move
In combination with the ultra hardwearing coatings of this compact mousepad - which measures in at 331x272mm - the aluminum core also delivers maximum durability
NON-SLIP, EXTRA-LARGE MOUSEPAD FEET The ROCCAT Alumic's extra-large, custom-fit rubber feet ensure this mousepad will stay rooted to any desktop
Specially designed feet completely envelope each corner of the mousepad, guaranteeing maximum grip
GEL WRIST REST FOR EXTRA COMFORT The wrist rest offers comfort and fatigue-free gaming enjoyment - plus it matches the shape of the mousepad perfectly
What's more, the flexible gel inner and elastic outer are effective at promoting ergonomic gaming
Design Details'simply turning around opens up unexpected new perspectives.\

Price : 46.27

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Gaming Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Gaming Keyboard
Razer BlackWidow - Tournament Edition Brand New, The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition is gaming keyboard that features mechanical key technology for superior tactility and faster response
The all-new razer mechanical switches are designed specifically for gaming, actuate at an optimal distance
Its engineered for greater durability to withstand up to 60 million keystrokes for extended game play
The BlackWidow Tournament Edition features programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording and gaming optimized key matrix for minimized ghosting
This gaming keyboard is Synape 2.0 enabled and supports 5 additional dedicated macro keys
BlackWidow Tournament Edition Features: Gaming Keyboard, Synapse 2.0 - For Customizable Functions, RazerMechanical Switches - w\/ 50g Actuation Force, 10 Customizable Software Profiles, 5 Additional Gaming Keys, Fully Programmable Keys - w\/ On-The-Fly Macro Recording, Greater Durability - 60 Million Keystroke, Gaming Mode Option, 1000Hz Ultrapolling, USB Pass-Through, Compact Layout, Audio-Out \/ Mic-In Jacks, Braided Fiber Cable

Price : 89.95

Razer Goliathus Control Edition - Extended Gaming Mouse Mat

Razer Goliathus Control Edition - Extended Gaming Mouse Mat
Razer Goliathus Control Edition - Extended Brand New, The Razer Goliathus Control Edition is gaming mouse mat featuring micro-textures on the surface delivering the right amount of friction to your gaming mouse s movements, so you can get pixel-precise targeting for absolute in-game accuracy
The heavily textured weave also provides a nice, comfortable feel under your hand minimizing fatigue over extended periods of play
It is low sense, high sense, laser, optical or dual sensor system, thus offers total tracking responsiveness for consistently reliable in-game control
Goliathus Control Edition Features: Gaming Mouse Mat, Heavily Textured Weave - For Precise Mouse Control, Pixel-Precise Targeting &
Tracking, Optimized Mat - For All Mouse Sensitivities &
Sensors, Highly Portable Cloth-Based Design, Anti-Fraying Stitched Frame, Anti-Slip Rubber Base, Dimension (Width x Length) : - Small: 8.46 x 10.73 - Medium: 10 x 13.98 - Large: 13.98 x 17.48 - Extended: 11.57 x 36.22

Price : 44.95

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